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Adventure CPG

Who we are and what we are doing together!

We are a collective of independent brands utilizing the strength and resources of the collective to streamline our costs, distribution and sales opportunities. Together we bring change, sustainability and growth to brands in the industry.  


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  • Together we:

    • Distribute product to Retailers and Consumers

    • Have the largest product Catalog of brands 

    • Call on and partner with Retail Buyers

    • Have a largest sales and marketing support and network. 

    • True Customer Services

    • Samples Easily Sent to buyers 

  • Giving Members: ​

    • Standard Fast Friendly Terms 

    • Low Cost Distribution

    • More Effective Distribution

    • Transparent Sales Results 

    • Transparency in the Industry 

    • Better Pricing on Services 

    • MORE Sustainable Sales

Together We Open the Door to enabling long-term Brand Sustainability for All Members,

Meaning:  ​​​

Goals and Method




 Make it easier to do business, Share the weight of doing business;

Giving us all a better advantage in the marketplace.

  • ONE Online Wholesale Store with all member products for buyers to order from - Our Collective Brand to Buyer Store with Fulfillment center allows us to set up our terms as a group and hold accountability.

  • Collective Sales Team that works for us and turns in purchase orders to our Shipping partners  / Distributors to execute on.  

  • Easy Buyer Sampling Program - utilizing our warehouse for easy ordering of samples and shipping.

  • Utilize a Collective Work Force that fits our needs and gives everyone sustainable growth and safety. 



  • An Online Store filled with all our products that can be shipped to Buyers and Distribution Centers from our GIGANTIC Warehouse, which also makes sending Customer samples EASY! 

  • Offer a Loyalty Program that rewards and recognizes the value of our store partnerships in a mutually beneficial scenario for both brands and buyers. Allowing for growth and prosperity for all parties. 

  • Utilizing a collective Work Force striving to operate transparently and fairly, and work with our buyers and partners to eliminate unfair pricing, fees, and wages, as well as poor sales and marketing performance and harmful competitive practices.

Meet some of our Amazing People - Founders, Board members, and Biggest Supporters.

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